• November 29, 2017 2 min read

    Choosing between our 100% Premium Baby Alpaca blanket and our 100% Recycled blanket is a lot like picking your next surf destination, either way you go, it’s going to be good.

    We like to think of it like this: if you are the type of person that likes to take your blanket to events, use it by the fire or beat it up and give it soul, then our recycled blankets are for you. The Siempre recycled series has a thick, heavyweight and durable composition, much like the traditional wool blankets you are used to, without the itch of course.

    This blended beauty is composed of 41% reclaimed alpaca, 30% reclaimed highland wool, 15% reclaimed cotton and 14% reclaimed mixed fibers giving it a super warm and bulky body with a soft hand.  Remember, recycled fibers tell stories.


    On the other hand, If you are into premium, natural fibers and want something luxurious and special to accent your beautifully curated space, then you need our Premium 100% Baby Alpaca Blankets in your life.  

    One of our favourite characteristics of this fiber is that is hypoallergenic, which means there is no itch on the skin like traditional wool blankets.  In fact, it’s as soft as cashmere and lighter and warmer than wool, meaning there is nothing better to wrap around your body and cozy up in.

    While our Alpaca blankets are substantially thicker than other Alpaca blankets on the market, Alpaca fibers are lighter, less bulky and pack down a lot smaller than  traditional blankets.  Put this baby on a pedestal and show it off because it’s worth it.  


    For more information on the world’s most luxurious fibers, click here.